Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Agiltiy with Jorma

Spent last weekend at the IKC agility trail.
This is my grandpuppy Jorma owned by my best friend Vicky in Utah.
I don't get much time to practice with him, as I am in Idaho but we do a bit when I go down to UT. We are developing teamwork as we go. Last weekend it showed that it was coming together. He earned his first agility legs in Novice Standard Preferred and Novice Jumpers Preferred.
We also had a huge stride in our teamwork on the last JWW run. We didn't qualify but he did his "turns".  Turn means turn away from me, we will be changing direction and the next obstacle will be away from me.  
He had been turning in the same direction he was going which meant he had to turn in a little circle to be going in the new direction. It not only takes extra time but could cause him to repeat an obstacle that would now be in his line of movement. A smooth change of direction is more efficient, it saves time, is easier on the dog's body and keeps him on correct course.  I am so proud of him and how fast he is learning.

Jorma doing weave poles

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