Friday, March 31, 2017

Solstice Block 15

I decided rather than skimping and trying to find little spots for my red that I would just buy more of this wonderful color. Now I can disperse it throughout the quilt and make it really pop. This block will balance block 2 in the quilt

                                             Block 15                                           Block 2

I also decided with the large 32"block and two at 20.5" that the quilt is becoming bigger than I would like for a cuddle quilt so I made this in the 12" size but included the little corner triangles even if only a bit will show because I thought they added that unique touch. I will continue to analyze the block sizes and may even trim a few down to 6-10" to fit in the spaces created by the multiple sized blocks.
I love Pat Sloan's asymmetrical setting. Pat Sloan's Solstice Setting

I sure hope the child that gets this loves it as much as I love making it and using these fabrics.
I donate a lot of my quilts to the Project Linus

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